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Network update part 4: Proxies

TAGS: [ networking ]

While segregating my network I ran into a few 'issues'; certain (mostly) LAN-only services required internet access to work! As a workaround I gave them internet access (temporarily) while I figured out how to best deal with the issue.

My main requirement was being able to restrict http/s traffic based on domain (not IP). Turns out, a lot of proxies have this functionality, and after looking around for a bit I opted for tinyproxy because:

  • It's on the Debian repos
  • It has low footprint
  • It can do domain whitelisting

Plus, I needed to MITM SSL sites (for filtering) so I'm using stunnel .

Deploying and configuring tinyproxy + stunnel

For deployment I simply added tinyproxy and stunnel to my ansible package list for the proxies host (this host also runs apt-cacher-ng and tcpproxy), which is in the DMZ.

Tinyproxy config

User tinyproxy
Group tinyproxy
Port 8888
Timeout 600
DefaultErrorFile "/usr/share/tinyproxy/default.html"
StatFile "/usr/share/tinyproxy/stats.html"
Logfile "/var/log/tinyproxy/tinyproxy.log"
LogLevel Info
PidFile "/run/tinyproxy/"
MaxClients 100
MinSpareServers 5
MaxSpareServers 20
StartServers 10
MaxRequestsPerChild 0
ViaProxyName "tinyproxy"
Filter "/etc/tinyproxy/filter"
FilterURLs Off
FilterExtended On
FilterDefaultDeny Yes
ConnectPort 443
ConnectPort 563

From the defaults I changed:

  • Whitelist instead of Blacklist
  • Enable proxy filtering
  • Set the filtering to be based on domains instead of URLs

filter file

Create ssl cert

openssl genrsa -out host_files/proxies/key.pem 4096
openssl req -new -x509 -key host_files/proxies/key.pem -out host_files/proxies/cert.pem -days 1826

Updating firewall

Setting HTTP proxy for other servers

I (unsuprisingly!) ran into some issues, even though in theory everything should be OK:

  • Certain devices don't give a shit. Chromecast ignores the NTP server assigned by the DHCP server.
  • Madsonic (service I use to self host music) requires internet access to start (!!). They are downloading xsd files from both , and . Without these files, Madsonic refuses to start. After this issue I'll look for another music player.
  • I am currently having an issue routing from rproxy (VLAN 20) to the physical server on it's untagged interface.
    • If I connect from rproxy (20) to server(20) then it works fine (via the linux virtual bridge, never reaches the router)
    • Otherwise packets are being dropped, even though the router sees them.


NTP for chromecast:

DNAT        wifi    loc:             udp    123

I just map any NTP request coming from wifi to my NTP server

Unable to route

I added IP for the physical server (VLAN 20) in /etc/hosts for the rproxy container, which makes it "work".

Pending issues

I left quite a lot of things with access to the internet, I'll write a follow up post detailing how I closed each one of them. For now the list is:

  • Jenkins: ssh out, used to update git repos. http out: used by a Docker image to put images in S3.
  • Madsonic (detailed above)
  • Sonarr http out
  • Twitch http out (this is a custom twitch broadcaster I wrote so I can watch the same stream all over the house)
  • Router has full internet access (testing + repositories)
  • Grafana is trying to reach (http) looking for updates for plugins or somesuch.
  • Pip is broken on all hosts!
  • Books cannot connect to IRC anymore.

Possible solutions

  • For HTTP I'll use a simple proxy which will be in the DMZ (Also useful for pip).
  • For SSH I'll simply add a tcpproxy instance which will map 1:1.
  • I'll have to investigate the IRC protocol to proxy it (and DCC) which is core for my books setup.