Mumbling about computers

2021-01-23 Docker-based images on baremetal [systems-deployment]
2021-01-07 Building an MQTT client for the Kindle [iot, kindle, rust, cross-compiling]
2020-12-30 Cross compiling for OpenWRT platforms [openwrt, rust, cross-compiling]
2020-01-10 Reverse engineering the Bose QC35 bluetooth protocol [reverse-engineering, android, bluetooth]
2019-12-24 Creating a golden CentOS image [systems-deployment]
2019-12-22 Flashing Linux disk images from an initramfs [systems-deployment]
2019-10-14 Revamping an old tv as a gift
2019-10-13 Bookworm - Utility to download books via IRC [architecture, reading]
2019-09-22 BSD inspired network setup [networking]
2019-08-04 Messing up backups [backups, proxmox]
2019-07-11 Simplifying the IOT framework's API [iot, changelog]
2019-07-06 Logging and remote debugging on the IOT house [iot]
2019-07-06 Extending the capabilities of dumb devices [iot]
2019-06-30 Automated Debian install [debian, systems-deployment]
2018-12-15 Integrating a Kindle into house automation [iot]
2018-11-18 Rewriting history on Firefox to get reddit's old UI back
2018-08-09 OTA updates for the IOT house [iot]
2018-08-06 IOT house with Sonoff and MicroPython [iot]
2018-05-20 Network update part 3: Network segregation [networking]
2018-05-19 Network update part 2: Monitoring the network with NetFlow, InfluxDB and Grafana [networking]
2018-05-02 3D printer woes [3dprinter]
2018-04-30 Network update part 1: Custom router with espressobin [networking]
2018-03-10 Hacking the HG659
2018-02-27 GPU Passthrough in Debian
2018-02-24 Debian stretch headless install [debian, systems-deployment]
2017-09-17 Bootable Windows 10 iso from linux
2017-08-18 Studying for the interview
2017-08-17 Meta blogging
2017-06-29 Good luck, I'm behind 4 reverse proxies
2017-06-29 nginx, caching and X-Accel-Redirect [nginx]
2017-04-03 Patching over Backblaze's B2 lack of CORS
2017-02-23 Backups, Backups, Backups [backups]
2016-10-19 Migrating single disk to RAID1 on Debian